About Us

What is Tugabuddies?

Tugabuddies is a tour agency operating in Portugal. We create and organize tailor-made tours to the center and west of the country (and other stunning places) since April 2016. We focus on carefully preparing each experience in order to meet all of our clients' expectations.

Who are your buddies?

The work of our team is based on the passion we all share for our country, Portugal, but also on knowledge, experience, and the great desire to serve with attention and quality.
We will not only be your tour guide, we will be your best Portuguese friend. We will listen carefully to you and do everything in our power to make your stay in Portugal even more special and absolutely unforgettable - just like a best friend would do!

How are our transports?

All our transports are private and chosen for you with the guarantee of total safety and comfort. We have cars, vans and buses available, according to your needs. For health and safety reasons, all vehicles are properly sanitized and prepared for each trip.

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